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NP, Inc. Wholesale is a division of NP, Inc., a mortgage company that has grown over the last 25 years on a simple foundation: serving Its clients. The basic principle of “putting the customer first" is the way we do business every day. While we have an excellent mix of Non-QM products, we are not your typical Non-QM wholesaler. We saw that Non-OM wholesale lending was missing that commitment to putting the customer first. NP, Inc. is here to meet that commitment.

Over the last few years NP, Inc. has expended from Florida, where our headquarters is located, to being licensed in 37 states with an additional 2 pending. We are providing brokers, and their clients with almost every type of loan available in the Non-QM space and feel this has given NP, Inc. the ability to say “yes” more than other Non-QM wholesalers. Our brokers have continually expressed their gratitude for helping them get a loan for their client’s new home or for refinancing their client’s existing loan when initially started with another company and the experience was unfavorable.

Another reason for NP, Inc.’s success is our staff: Management, Sales and Operations. The entire team is made up of seasoned mortgage professionals who have years of Non-OM lending and secondary market experience. Our Operations team is made up of individuals with an average of 15 years of experience in the industry and many of them have been in the mortgage industry over 20 years.

Currently, NP, Inc. is embarking on a path of national growth. We are in the process of adding additional state licenses, adding brokers nationwide, and bringing in new technology to streamline the Non-QM loan process. We are quickly becoming an industry leader in wholesale lending for Non-QM products and are in line to become a top 10 seller of Non-QM in the secondary mortgage market. 2019 was very exciting for NP, Inc., but we are even more excited about our plans for 2020 and feel confident that the groundwork we have laid, as well as ongoing improvements to our products and processes, will lead to substantial growth. NP, Inc. is 100% ready to "Flex" our muscles in the industry and become your “Choice” for a National Non-QM wholesaler!