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NP, Inc.'s TPO Lending is an exciting place to be these days. Our rapidly expanding division offers a wide range of Non-QM products and programs for borrowers like the self-employed or second home investor who may not qualify for a traditional government-backed loan. Today, tighter qualifications and restrictions on conventional loans have paved the way for Non-QM loans to cover a much larger share of the market. We seized the opportunity early on to make our mark in this rapidly expanding pocket of the mortgage industry. And as a result, we are one of the nation's fastest-growing, top Non-QM lenders churning out record fundings every month.

We take pride in providing our borrowers, brokers and their clients with more loan options today than ever before from our expanding line of Non-QM products. Our more lenient guidelines have helped more buyers qualify for loans with 1099's, lower credit scores and bank statements. Better options and easier ways to qualify have given us the ability to say "yes" more often to new customers than other Non-QM lenders. Our brokers continually express appreciation for helping them secure a loan for their client's new home or refinancing their client's existing loan when their previous lender experience turned out less than favorable. Serving the client first is what our company’s reputation was built on and this mindset is shared by all our team members.

As a result of our unprecedented growth, we continue to hire new staff to fill exciting roles in management, sales and operations. Our team leaders are seasoned professionals with more than 15-20 years of experience in the non-traditional mortgage and secondary markets. Our recently launched Correspondent Lending Division is sure to put us at the forefront of that market and open the door for more dedicated professionals to join our TPO family.

We have been a leading lender for more than 25 years and remain committed to investing in cutting-edge technology to ensure all team members achieve their goals and serve their clients in the best way possible. New Help Desk features, passwordless smart apps and CRM systems keep the TPO Division organized and running smoothly. At the same time, our SimpleNexus software enables us to communicate with borrowers more efficiently and to keep track of the progress of their entire loan.

Exciting things as ahead of us as we continue on our journey of national growth. We started out in our Boca Raton, FL, headquarters, and now we are licensed in 46 states, adding new branches and brokers nationwide. The TPO Lending Division’s potential and the success we can achieve in this market is virtually unlimited. We have laid the groundwork, along with improvements in processes and our various Non-QM products, to propel us forward to new heights of success in the coming years. Our goal is to be your industry choice and "go-to" national lender for all your Non-QM needs.