What Is a Non-QM Loan?
Non-QM is the fastest-growing segment of non-traditional lending. A loan solution for a borrower with unique financial circumstances, it does not fit the mortgage mold typically associated with conventional government-backed loans. Similar to conventional loans, Non-QM has its own set of specific guidelines, although usually more flexible, to ensure that lender and borrower are completely protected. A Non-QM loan can be obtained for new home purchases, refinances, investment homes, second homes and any other scenario that does not fall under the umbrella of traditional lending practices.
Is It Easy to Qualify for a Non-QM Loan?
Qualification for a Non-QM loan is quick and stress-free. That's because NP, Inc. TPO Lending has a wide array of Non-QM solutions for borrowers to choose from to fit every unique financial scenario. Our experienced Non-QM specialists can identify what types of loans would best fit a borrower’s financial needs and are available to assist every step of the way. Preapproval is fast and easy. Click on Contact Us and fill in the information sheet to get started.