Non-QM Products

Flex Select Prime

Qualifying your borrowers has never been easier with our Flex Select Prime Program. TPO Lending offers flexible, Non-QM Prime Products to tackle unique loan scenarios so you can qualify more borrowers. Our newest Flex Select Prime offers 1099 and interest-only loans with a minimum 660 FICO score. Flexibility in our credit requirements is what makes all the difference.

Flex Expanded Credit

Your borrowers demand flexibility. And that's why our Flex Expanded Credit Program tackles your hard-to-qualify loan scenarios with proven success. Take advantage of our more lenient credit requirements with only a 580 minimum FICO score and bank statement options that will allow you to secure loans for a broader range of borrowers.

Flex Foreign National

Our Flex Foreign National Program ensures that financing a mortgage for non-U.S. citizens is as simple as possible. Our program enables purchasing, refinancing, or investing in U.S. real estate regardless of the citizenship status of your borrower. Our mortgage specialists are trained to help you secure the right foreign national financing for your borrowers.

Flex Investor DSCR

Through our exceptional Flex Investor DSCR Program, we provide smart loan solutions for experienced and savvy investors. Your borrowers and first-time investors will love the flexibility this loan provides for single family and 2-4 units up to 85% LTV.

Pick Your Flex Plan

TPO Lending offers an exciting line of Non-QM Flex Plans to tackle all your borrowers’ unique loan scenarios. We think outside the typical underwriting parameters and remain flexible to qualify and say “yes” to more borrowers. For more information on our Non-QM Flex Plans, see below.

Select Prime Plus

Our latest Non-QM product gives your borrowers more options and flexibility. We've designed it so your qualified borrowers get an extra loan advantage and, for you, more earning power. It allows you to create additional loans for your borrowers and profit simultaneously. With Select Prime Plus, we can increase loan amounts and LTVs to exceptional levels.

Advantage Jumbo Expanded

Our Non-QM Jumbo and Expanded Jumbo Loan Programs allow your borrowers to qualify faster with lower credit requirements, interest-only payment periods and loans of up to $3M at competitive rates. Our in-house underwriters and processors ensure your loan process is always quick and easy.

Agency & Non-Agency Investor/Second Homes

TPO Lending offers borrowers a variety of agency and non-agency mortgages that build strong real estate portfolios while optimizing risk and cost factors. Regardless of what type of investor you are, or if you are simply financing a second home, you’ll benefit from our more lenient ways of qualifying with loans of up to $1.75M.